PPG meeting minutes April 2021

(Virtual) Meeting held on Wednesday 21 April at 6.30 pm via Teams

Abbreviations frequently appearing in minutes in addition to members/staff initials:

SHS = Symphony Healthcare Services                    BHC = Buttercross Health Centre

ECP = Enhanced Care Practitioner                           HCA = Healthcare Assistants


Members:  Ron Kench (RK), Lesley Rudman (minutes) (LR), Carol Flowers (CF), Phil Flowers (Chair) (PF), Janet Hayter (JH), Ruth Coles (RC), Steve Marsh (SM), Elaine Old (EO) Rachel Maynard (RM)

Staff:  Julie Salter (JS), Dr Chris Krasucki (CK)


  1. Welcome, Introductory Notes, Apologies PF Agreed to take the chair for the meeting. Next meeting to be chaired by Janet Hayter.


  1. Apologies – Anne Yates (AY)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting & Matters arising

Minutes of the previous meeting (18 March 2021) were accepted as a complete and accurate record.

3.1  SM asked about the possibility of a doctor at the surgery in Ilchester as there was money available from the companies building new houses. JS said that Symphony had said that the surgery was not fit for general practice,


  1. Staffing Matters

from Julie Salter

4.1 Staff list received by all members. PF will ensure future lists will be published in the Viaduct via the Town Council.

4.2 Future changes:

Sarah Kirby – Reception Administrator

Amy Williams – Reception Admin Supervisor

4.3 Advertising for new locum started as due to new housing and more patients.

4.4 Staff are back from helping with COVID vaccinations and not signed up for the second phase.


  1. This month’s main item; COVID 19

5.1 JS Vaccinations this week for the housebound and any home visits.  Henhays 2nd doses.  Cohort 10 will be contacted with dates for vaccinations at the surgery towards the end of June.

5.2 CK was asked about the future of vaccinations and blood clots. He said that there would be boosters from October onwards. Blood clots were from 1st vaccinations after 2 weeks of the vaccination and very rarely from 2nd vaccinations.


  1. Other item(s)

6.1 PF Mental Health in Wells has been saved; this was discussed at last Town Council meeting.

6.2. Viaduct we need a new editor for our articles from the PPG group as BP has stepped down.  PF agreed to take over from BP, so will contact him for guidance and a handover.

6.3 JS Quote for video received cost over £1,500.  An alternative was found but really only good for use at home.  Meeting tomorrow to discuss if door can be left open possibly from  May.  If so, video doorbell my not be needed.


  1. Other Items

7.1. Still reports to members of PPG from patients that they have had to wait over 20 mins for appointments.

7.2 PF asked if there was any interest from new members.  SM has someone interested but he/she wants to come to an actual meeting rather than a zoom meeting.  PF went around the committee to see if there had been an interest, everyone agreed to put the word around again for any interest.

7.3 EO asked if there is a delay in surgeries receiving vaccinations and patients have to wait more than 12 weeks for their second vaccinations, does it matter. CK said the gap doesn’t make any difference.

7.4 COVID test kits are available from Boots

7.5 It was agreed the next meeting would be at the surgery.

7.6 JS to arrange to sort out the bushes that are obscuring the Buttercross sign.

7.7 SM said the Ilchester meetings were poorly attended.

7.8 JS agreed to send the list if future chairpersons for PPG meetings.


  1. Dates of future meetings.

Full member PPG meetings

Thursday 20 May

Wednesday 21 July                Thursday 23 September

Wednesday 20 October         Thursday 18 November

All the above currently scheduled to start at 6:30 pm

Should the need arise, additional meetings may be convened.

The months of June and December are being left free to accommodate meetings which may be convened either by SHS for all PPG members within their practices or by BHC/IS to engage with the local communities.

Ilchester Briefing dates:

The following will need to be confirmed on a meeting-by-meeting basis while restrictions for gatherings on site at llchester remain in place.

Wednesday 26 May                Wednesday 28 July

Wednesday 29 September     Wednesday 24 November

All the above currently scheduled to start at 12:30 pm