Minutes of (Virtual) Meeting held on Wednesday 21 July 2021 at 6.30 pm via Teams

Abbreviations frequently appearing in minutes in addition to members/staff initials:

SHS = Symphony Healthcare Services                    BHC = Buttercross Health Centre

ECP = Enhanced Care Practitioner                           HCA = Healthcare Assistants


Members:  Ron Kench (RK), Lesley Rudman (minutes) (LR), Carol Flowers (CF), Phil Flowers (Chair) (PF), Janet Hayter (JH), Ruth Coles (RC), Steve Marsh (SM), Elaine Old (EO) Rachel Maynard (RM), Myra Simmons (MS)

Staff:  Julie Salter (JS), Dr Chris Krasucki (CK)

  1. Welcome, Introductory Notes, Apologies Thanks to Elaine Old for agreeing to take the chair for the meeting. Next meeting to be chaired by Steve Marsh.

 Apologies – Anne Yates (AY), Carol Flowers (CF), Rachel Maynard (RM), Ron Kench (RK)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting & Matters arising


  1. Staffing Matters

from Julie Salter

3.1 Staff list received by all members…

3.2 New Receptionist Philippa started, we are now fully staffed.

3.3 We advertised for a fixed term contract nurse but had no replies due to the fixed term nature of the contract.  JS managed to get permission for a permanent contract and we have appointed a nurse practitioner who will take up their post in October.

  1. Matters raised by patients and PPG members.

4.1 Bad reports on Facebook about the practice.  Comment from PF about “Keyboard Warriors”


5 This month’s main item; COVID 19

5.1 JS Flu vaccination will start in September for over 65s, over 50s and vulnerable groups..

5.2 COVID 3rd jab – JS to attend meeting to decide where these will be available.  It is assumed that they will be available at Henhayes as they have the capacity. Any site wanting to hold the 3rd vaccinations must have the capacity 7 days per week from 8am to 8pm.

5.3 Touch screen still not operational due to COVID for safety.

  1. Other item(s)

6.1 SM Ilchester – Due to all the house building and proposed new building, it is felt that money kept aside by the contractors could be used to fund a new surgery or land to build a new surgery in Ilchester as this is badly needed, as the present surgery is not fit for purpose. CK confirmed Ilchester surgery was out of date and needed replacing to keep patients safe,.  The Clinical Committee Group decided this is not required as we do not have the capacity of an extra 1700 new patients.  The schools are allowed floating personnel because of the airbase and the number of fluctuating numbers of residents so this seems unfair.  SM would like a letter from the PPG proposing that we disagree and we will reach the number of required patients in the next few years and want money secured for a piece of land identified by the Parish Counicil.to be purchased with money from the builders until such numbers required are reached. Consensus from members to support SM and he agreed to bring a draft letter to the next meeting. This will also be discussed at the Village meeting on the following night.

6.2. JS said we have a high number of new patients registering at present. Some returning from Langport.

6.3 The practice still requires patients to wear masks for COVID safety..

6.4 CK said we should try to promote as my GP as this is the way forward for patients and they do get a much quicker response and it also makes it easier to discuss privately something by email. Although still restricted at present but always open to emergencies.

6.5 JS discussed a new Pharmacy scheme.  It is a national project Somerset has been asked to take part in.

6.6 COVID passports CK went through what is required. Nothing to do with ButterCross but of course we will also point patients in the right direction to get information.

  1. Other Items

7.1. JS asked if anyone from the Committee wanted to volunteer to be chairperson – no takers.

7.2  No Ilchester meetings at present.


  1. Dates of future meetings.

Full member PPG meetings

Thursday 23 September         Wednesday 20 October

Thursday 18 November          All the above currently scheduled to start at 6:30 pm

Should the need arise, additional meetings may be convened.

The months of June and December are being left free to accommodate meetings which may be convened either by SHS for all PPG members within their practices or by BHC/IS to engage with the local communities.

Ilchester Briefing dates:

The following will need to be confirmed on a meeting-by-meeting basis while restrictions for gatherings on site at llchester remain in place.

Wednesday 28 July                Wednesday 29 September

Wednesday 24 November

All the above currently scheduled to start at 12:30 pm