Minutes of (Virtual) Meeting held on Thursday 23 September 2021 at 6.30 pm via Teams

Abbreviations frequently appearing in minutes in addition to members/staff initials:

SHS = Symphony Healthcare Services                     BHC = Buttercross Health Centre

ECP = Enhanced Care Practitioner                           HCA = Healthcare Assistants


Members:  Ron Kench (RK), Lesley Rudman (minutes) (LR), Carol Flowers (CF), Phil Flowers (Chair) (PF), Janet Hayter (JH), Ruth Coles (RC), Steve Marsh (Chair) (SM), Elaine Old (EO) Rachel Maynard (RM), Myra Simmons (MS)

Staff:  Julie Salter (JS), Aimee Williams (AM)


  1. Welcome, Introductory Notes, Apologies Thanks to Steve Marsh for agreeing to take the chair for the meeting. Next meeting to be chaired by Phil Flowers.

 Apologies – Anne Yates (AY), Ron Kench (RN), Rachel Maynard (RM)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting & Matters arising

Minutes agreed as correct. EO and SM didn’t receive minutes and no one could open the attachment of SM’s letter.  All resent by Julie.


  1. Staffing Matters

from Julie Salter

3.1 Staff list received by all members…

3.2 Resignation from Health and Well-being coach, Interviews for replacement next Monday…

3.3 Advertisement placed for a bank Admin/Receptionist on a zero hours contract

3.4 done and staff back…


  1. Matters raised by patients and PPG members.

4.1 Bad reports on Facebook about the practice.  Comment from PF about “Keyboard Warriors”


5 This month’s main item; Appointment booking process. JS introduced Aimee Williams from the team.

5.1 Messages on Facebook about patients having problems booking appointments at the surgery face to face. Aimee confirmed the front desk is manned from 8.30 to 1.30. We are trying to keep footfall to a minimum.  Ask my GP is the main way of booking an appointment.

5.2 Patients wanting to book appointments at the desk are taken through Ask My GP and then they are sent a welcome link. They will receive an answer in 72 hours for routine cases and an appointment either face to face or over the phone with a doctor or practice nurse anything the Clinician thinks is urgent will be seen much quicker.

5.3 PF said this needs to be communicated to Patients as not all understand the system.  He said if the details are given to him he can make sure they are on the electronic notice boards situated in the town. EO said she would add to the Ilchester face book page


  1. Vaccinations – Aimee

6.1 There are delays in receiving flu vaccine.  Surgery in talks to receive more vaccine when available for the over 65 as there has been increased take up.

6.2 Pneumonia surgery contacting all eligible patients and will run bulk clinics…

6.3 At the recent clinics there was a power outage in the fridge but after consultation the vaccine was confirmed as still fit for use and patients were advised.


  1. Transport

6.1 Aimee explained that Transport is not dealt with by Reception; they advise patients to telephone the Health Coach and give them a note of the number.  Advise them to leave a message and contact details and they will receive a call back.


  1. AOB

7.1 Ilchester Surgery. As there were problems with the attachment this item will be discussed at the next meeting. Any queries please contact SM


7.5 SM asked if surgeries will be held at Ilchester in the future, this is a red site and kept for COVID.

7.6 The committee thanked Aimee for explaining some of the services at the Health Centre and she was asked to come to the next meeting



  1. Dates of future meetings.

Full member PPG meetings

Wednesday 20 October  Thursday 18 November

All the above currently scheduled to start at 6:30 pm

Should the need arise, additional meetings may be convened.

The months of June and December are being left free to accommodate meetings which may be convened either by SHS for all PPG members within their practices or by BHC/IS to engage with the local communities.

Ilchester Briefing dates:

The following will need to be confirmed on a meeting-by-meeting basis while restrictions for gatherings on site at llchester remain in place.

Wednesday 24 November

All the above currently scheduled to start at 12:30 pm